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On this site we also discuss the Liberal Democrats. Following the first of three general election debates in April 2010, a poll put the Lib Dems on 24%. Later in the month, a YouGov poll placed the parties all within a similar standing: Liberal Democrats on 34%, the Conservatives on 33% and Labour on 28%.

The general election of 6 May 2010 saw the Liberal Democrats win 23% of the electorate’s votes and almost sixty seats in the House of Commons. The ballot returned a hung parliament with no party holding a complete majority. Negotiations between the Lib Dems and the Labour and Conservative parties occurred in the ensuing days. On May 11, David Cameron was announced as the Prime Minister following Gordon Brown's resignation and the Liberal Democrats created a coalition government with the Tories, placing Nick Clegg as the Deputy Prime Minister and putting other Liberal Democrat ministers in the cabinet. Seventy-five percent of the Liberal Democrat's manifesto statements went into the programme for government.

Tuiton Fees

In later 2010, the eve of a vote on the increasing of the cap on tuition fees in the UK to £9,000 per year, an opinion poll conducted by YouGov discovered the voting intention figures of Conservatives were 41%, Labour 41%, Other Parties 11% and Liberal Democrats 8%. This is the lowest level of support ever recorded for the Lib Dems in any opinion poll since 1990.

In the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election brought about by Elwyn Watkins, held in January 2011, the Lib Dems gained 31.9% of the vote, a small increase despite losing to the Labour party. In a by-election in Barnsley during March 2011, the Liberal Democrats dropped from second place at the general election to sixth.

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